Monday, 31 October 2016

BEFORE THE FLOOD - take outs

The documentary starts with a story about Leo. In the beginning you are thinking "is he promoting himself or the climate change"? He talks about his upbringing and about the latest movie he's working on so of course, any non Hollywood fanatic would be thinking the same.

But, as the story begins to tie together you realise that without an ambassador(s) the mission of waking up the public to this reality is near to impossible. The problem is so big, so global and so abstract that together with the fossil fuel corporation propaganda and the politicians hiding the reality, we (the people) are unable to create a real empathy.

Here's the thing. We are 0.5 celsius away from reaching the limit and it is projected we are going to hit it. At this point, the corals in the oceans cannot sustain and life as we know it in the oceans will be wiped out along with the corals. No corals, no schools of fish.

There will be an increase in draughts and sea levels will rise. Spain is projected to suffer most in Europe from the oncoming draughts, and the fragile Mediterranean fauna will change with it. There will be a shortage of water in Southern Europe and as Spain's agriculture depends on water, it will affect its food production too. 

At this level, the scientists anticipate a sea level rise globally due to melting of the ice caps. A good tool  to check the impact can be found here:

Here's a view of what South of Barcelona might look like. 

Naturally, there will be an increase of climate change immigrants leaving the drought stricken countries for a better life in Europe. Suffering, fighting and nationalism will increase with further conflicts in those regions. 

It all sounds bleak but with 195 countries, actors and spiritual leaders rallying behind the World's biggest cause, there could be hope.

For hope, we need to change our habits and we need to change the system. The human species as we know it must evolve beyond into higher collective consciousness. The public (you) needs to understand you all stand to lose and its not USA vs Russia you should be worried about but this real big global issue. 

Fossil fuels are the enemy. 
We need to shift our reliance from fossil fuels and the only way is through you. Demand = Supply is the first thing they teach you in Economics. Ride your bicycles, walk and finally get an Electric car. 
Switch to energy providers that are investing into renewable energy. It might be expensive now but it will pay off for the planet, for your family's future and finally for your own pocket in the long run.

Stop eating beef
I know its pretty hard to believe that cows make an impact. But when you imagine 60 billion cows causing huge deforestations, incredible use of water and huge amounts of crops to feed which release nitrogen into our Oceans, you realise that this is a big problem. Even if you reduce your eating habits from beef to chicken you're already making a difference. Ideally, we would shift from consuming beef entirely or even better for those that can, stop eating meat altogether. 

Vote for politicians or parties that believe in climate change
The actions our politicians make now will determine the fate of this planet. Don't give your votes to politicians that are bought by Corporations. Instead give your vote to politicians that are genuinely trying to make a difference and you will see how quickly they will all fall in line. The only thing they understand is the will of the people which will affect whether they get elected or not. Without the hope of election, their purpose is lost. 

Take on the corporations
Firstly, we need to understand that demand = supply applies to everything we buy. Stop eating foods which use Palm Oil. If this vegetable oil is causing such a huge level of deforestation then just stop, yes you! Do not buy products from companies that are not playing ball. They only adapt when there's a fall in their revenue. They have no feelings, no real bosses and no mission to change the world for the better. They see projections and profit vs loss and by affecting one of those, we can change their agenda. And we need to hold them liable for destruction and for paying back to society for their carbon emission through the carbon tax. I hate the word as much as you but the reality is they only understand money. Paying tax is losing money so they will offset their carbon emissions faster if they need to cough up. 

Go green
New batteries, new roof look alike solar panels, 3D printed panels and wind turbines are allowing people to power their homes. In Germany, 30% of households have solar panels on their roof. That's Germany with far less daily sunlight. They're all giving power back to the grid which means power plants that depend on coal/gas need to power less. Countries like Spain will be decades behind the Nordic countries which are bringing free energy to their people. Economically they will all be better off. If the government isn't giving you the mechanisms to easily and affordably Go Green then we all need to fight to change these laws. 

If you think for any reason you'll be able to survive in a mad max style apocalypse then wake up!
Will you close the laptop and think "others will solve this" or will you be part of the movement?