Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Plant trees while you search the web

Did you know that Ecosia is responsible for planting over 5,5000,000
Ecosia is a german based B-corp organization and to understand what this means:

"B Corps are for-profit companies certified by the nonprofit B Lab to meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency."

How it works:

Its super simple. Ecosia is paid by businesses to display their ads (just like Google) but instead their revenue is shared towards the greater good. Read here about their project and full information on how this process works

Can they be trusted?

Well, on their page you can find a link to their full financial reports and how they distribute their profits. Totally transparent and you only need to take a look at their team to understand they're normal human beings.

Read more about their setup here.

You can download the latest report here

Do I need to stop using my favourite browser?

No, it really makes no difference at all. You don't need to stop using Chrome, Safari or IE to use the new search. Depending on how you set it up, its a search engine page just like and the quality of the search results as well as the layout is pretty impressive, mimicking the best.

So let's start with the various setup options.

1. Make ECOSIA your default homepage in any browser

To set Ecosia as the homepage in your browser, find your browser below and follow the instructions at the corresponding link:

2. Add a permanent Chrome extension 

- Click on this link to install the extension

- Click add to Chrome

- A small world icon will now appear in the top right corner.

- You can click on the icon OR search in the main bar at the top of your browser.

- The results in your Chrome browser get displayed instantly now, no change required.

3. Add permanent Safari extension for easy browsing

- Click on this link in Safari to open the extension

- Click on 'Install now'

- That's pretty much it, you can now search in the main top bar.

4. Mobile apps

And don't stop on your desktop machines when you can tweak your existing phone to do greater good too. There are apps available for download from your usual store by searching 'ECOSIA' and installing it as any other app.

Android app
There is an app available for download so you can search on any mobile device

iOS App
There is an app available for download for your iPhones or iPADs.

So here it is. No excuse not to do greater good except laziness.

Will you pay huge corporations like Microsoft, Apple or Google to serve results or ECOSIA, a new digital movement for social good?

Thanks for reading :)


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